Omnia Perduta Playing Cards EPCC

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Omnia Perduta Playing Cards

Omnia Perduta is the final set in the series Omnia: The Golden Age created by Giovanni Meroni. Like the two decks before this installment, Omnia Perduta is also set on a theme, this time centering on war and destruction. Each of the colors representing the three decks in Omnia: The Golden Age are original and unique from each other, a deliberate decision made by Meroni. 

Green was the color chosen to represent Perduta, as this color is known to be associated with materialism and envy. Light green and gold metallic inks fill the card faces and backs, bringing life to the playing cards and its characters. Omnia Perduta is the perfect ending to a wonderful series and a collection to consider for avid players.

Perduta Features

  • EPCC Dark Grey Stardust Paper tuck box
  • Emerald foil on tuck box, inside and outside
  • 2 metallic inks on faces, light-emerald and gold
  • Unlimited version (2000+ decks printed)
  • 55 cards, including a light-emerald suicide queen
  • Embossing
  • Classic finish
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
  • 2016 Release

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