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Explorers Playing Cards EPCC

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Explorers Playing Cards EPCC

Explorers Playing Cards

A November 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

Available as a set and individually

A deck that lets your imagination soar with extraterrestrial adventures! 


First contact with sapient, extraterrestrial lifeforms can be a monumental moment in history or it can be the end of history as we know it. When it happens, reality goes beyond the wildest expectations. The truth goes even deeper, revealing a greater power orchestrating everything. 

The Explorers deck explores human contact with an alien civilization through a graphic novel-like visual extravaganza, highlighting the sameness of braving interstellar frontiers with exploration in the Age of Discovery albeit with a twist. 


The United Terran Interstellar Administration put together the largest and most complex mission in record time. 

I was chosen, by virtue of our neutrality and perhaps my two-facedness and uncanny ability to make the best of any situation, to be the main point of contact when first contact happens. I am also to be the scribe of all mission logs. Lots of trust in me. My resemblance to the Administration emblem might play a part too. 

While the mission objective is to establish peaceful contact, will this turn out to be another Columbian Exchange? 


The Aces illustrate the core of the fleet - 4 state-of-the-art interstellar spaceships. Meet Fiasco (Ace of Spades) and Solaris (Ace of Hearts), main star cruisers, providing reconnaissance and offensive support. 

The Invincible (Ace of Clubs). This monstrous machination is the most powerful interstellar space carrier that humanity has ever built. 

Eden (Ace of Diamonds). Whether I can find myself safely on the surface of the planet depends on this planetary lander. 


  • Fully customized deck with 2 Jokers
  • Foiled tuck case on soft touch black paper
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Company with Damask Finish
  • Foil numbered sticker seal
  • Tuck case embossing
  • Limited Edition, will not be reprinted

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Awful Pirate

I have Domination #883 of 1000. This might be one of my new favorite decks. The color scheme gives the deck a wonderfully dark feel, and the art is simply amazing. I am particularly fond of the aces, which manage to make each of the suits look realistically like space ships. The black on red may make the cards hard to read for some, but overall, this deck is aces.

Mario Molina
Stunningly beautiful

I have Domination # 881 of 1000 " and hands down it's an instant favorite, the cards are Smooth and a dream to shuffle, the tuck box is elegant and elaborate the red and black ads a dimension of sci fi and holographic imaging at it's best. I am impressed with the quality. Well done.

Liam W
Quality, but appearance is subjective

I have the "Revelation" deck only. It's VERY much in the style of 60s pulp scifi and 70s progrock album covers. That's not really my bag, man, but I'm not knocking any stars off for that. That's just a matter of taste. For what it does, it does pretty well... if you like that kind of art, you'll love the royal card art. But what I AM knocking a star off for, is it's printed VERY dark. You really can't make the art out very well, which is a shame.
The backs are detailed and very clear, and I love the pip variety. But the only extra cards are the 2 identical jokers. No doubleback cards or ad cards even. And the tuck case feels really cheap, like, pressed layers of construction paper. It's hard to describe.
But the quality of the cards themselves, surprisingly good! Very smooth, and, this may sound odd, but they feel like they have a bit more weight to them. I can tell when I do any card shots. I like that, but it may throw some off.

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