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Knights Gold v2 Playing Cards Cartamundi

$9.95 USD
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Knights Gold v2 Playing Cards Cartamundi

$9.95 USD

Knights Gold v2 Playing Cards

Produced by ellusionist.

Printed by Cartamundi on luxury pressed E7 stock in 2019.

Customer Reviews

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Great Deck!

This deck is fantastic. Feels great, but looks great too. The duplicate jokers looks very nice, the art on the faces is very good, but for me the back design is gorgeous. The very casually marked backing (easy to learn and decipher) is a bonus making this deck an awesome deck to own.

chris kinkead
chris ramsey!

i have been watching Chris for a while so to find out he created a deck of cards was amazing! still need the markings explained.

A Great deck by Daniel Madison and Chris Ramsay

As a deck geared towards magicians, this definitely hits the mark for magic. The faces of cards are customized, but aren't overly distracting and complements the back design well. This is also a partially marked deck for value (not suits) and so could be utilized for some effects. I absolutely love the integration of gold foil to the deck. The number cards feature the suit and value (with hearts and diamonds gold outlined in black). The faces are half standard and half customized with a card reveal on the king of diamonds. The card comes with duplicate jokers, but also two extra cards that could definitely function as jokers (both have separate card reveals). This is definitely a great deck that handles well.

Awesome Deck

I received these as a gift from a friend, I always recommend this site to friends! I was amazed at how thin this deck is. I’m not loving that aspect because I do prefer a heftier deck or even just a more standard thickness deck.

The colors are a nice muted metallic gold on white which looks classy. The faces/pips are black and gold instead of standard black and red. In a darker room the gold is a bit hard to differentiate from the black but it still looks lovey.

The marking system is pretty easy to remember but can be noticed depending on how you display the deck to your spectators. I’m sure by now most people know, but I had to look into it to find out because people confused me, these cards are fully marked for suit and value!

If you’re looking to pick up a decent marked deck, or even just get something by Daniel Madison and Chris Ramsay, I recommend picking up a deck and giving it a try!

Love this deck!

Love the feel of this deck and the design.
Marked deck is not too noticeable, a bit obvious but again, the design is beautiful!

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