Kittens Playing Cards USPCC

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  • Fly under the radar by using Grandma's "old" deck of Kittens playing cards! Designed by Daniel Madison for Ellusionist, and specifically designed with card players and magicians in mind.
  • Ellusionist's Kittens playing card deck features high quality premium crushed USPCC stock, a traditional cut and have a smooth finish.
  • Gaffed to the hilt! Purrrr-fect for for flawless sleight of hand including, false deals, passes, deck switches, double lifts, and just about any other technique.
  • Stacked in mnemonica out of the box. Get yours meow!
  • Includes double Aces of spades, two 9 of clubs and a double-sided gaffed card.
  • Video instruction available here
  • 2017 Release

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