Ellusionist Sticker Pack

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Ellusionist Sticker Pack

Have you ever looked at a surface and thought “I wish there was a way to make that way less boring!” Ellusionist has the answer.

The Ellusionist sticker pack #001 is here. Jam packed with some of Ellusionist’s most classic art work and newest designs, these stickers are long lasting, weather proof vinyl and can be stuck to any surface. Your laptop, magic case, water bottle or even your friend’s face.

The Sticker Pack includes:

  • The classic E logo: Represent the original online magic store with Ellusionist’s classic logo.
  • Is this your card?: The classic line come to life.
  • Knights: Assemble the knights with the iconic image peeled directly off of the tuck case.
  • Killer Bees: Always remind people to “Save the Bees”.
  • King Slayer: Plunge the sword through the king and take your spot at the head of the table.
  • Keeper: Follow the light through the roughest of seas.

The Ellusionist sticker pack is limited. Limited to absolute legends only. Now is the time to take a piece of Ellusionist with you.

Start sticking now.

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