Detective Conan Playing Cards TCC

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Detective Conan Playing Cards

"There is always only one truth", from the famous Japanese manga/anime "Detective Conan", which tells the story of a famous detective who looks like a child with wisdom but is too ordinary to solve murder cases and investigate black organizations.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the anime, we have launched the Detective Conan series of playing cards under the official authorization. As the 25th anniversary commemorative playing card of the famous detective, we will present the classic characters and famous scenes in the play in the form of assignment.


  • Genuine authorization, limited customization, unique numbered tuck seal
  • The images and famous scenes in the play are dedicated one by one, full of memories and surprises
  • Smooth "air layer", imported "black core paper", stamping and seaming, let you have fun
2023 Release