Farthings Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Farthings Playing Cards

We are GLC Card Co. and this is our first contribution to the world of playing cards.

It is our belief that playing cards (while very nice to look at on the shelf) are meant to be used and abused in the creation of memories and moments.

Our design is simplistic but elegant, and has been printed poker-sized with Cartamundi on the high quality and durable SlimLine stock with True Linen B09 finish.

After finalising the design, we came to the conclusion that people would be more inclined to keep a stylish deck like this on a shelf and not use it. In our opinion that's a tragic waste of trees. Playing cards are intended to be used to create moments, whether it be for magic, cardistry or simply just playing card games. After all, it is in the name, PLAYING cards!

We don't want to over hype and try to sell these to everybody in the market -- these are suitable for whoever the heck wants them!

2020 Release

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