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666 Playing Cards

Available in blue and red, not sold as a set

This brand-new deck designed by pnkmgc has drawn its inspiration from the Devil’s number 666 and the mysterious occult practices. On the first look, the overall design is very simple, the deck enveloped in dark colors. Yet when you hold the deck to the light, the whole box lights up with intricate details that were hiding in the shadows. 

The Premium Matte Finish Tuck Case gives a solemn, mysterious impression, not giving out much else other than the Embossed digits 666 imprinted on top in foil. However, if you inspect it closely, the whole span of the box is adorned in Black Foil with dark occult symbols of skeletons, flames, pentagons, rams, and snakes intertwined in symmetric patterns.

Unlike many other card boxes, the design does not stop on the outside of the box. When you peak into the darkness inside, you will see a Foil outline of clawed hands beckoning you to come closer.

The hands are engulfed with infernal flames, making the observer feel like he is peaking into the hell itself. The whole tuck case has a matte finish, which is in stark contrast with the shiny foil detailing.

The moment the deck is out of its box, the cryptic black design is quickly substituted with a blaze of color. The first thing that attracts the eye is the complex symmetrical design at the back of the cards.

The pattern is presided over by two heads of rams with pentagons imprinted on their foreheads. They are encircled by devilish flames and horned skeletons guard the four corners.

The court cards are the true highlights of the 666 deck. Featuring a beautifully detailed image of an eerie skeleton dressed in a royal gown. Each of the cards is designed with great care and the folds of the fabric of the skeleton gowns overflow with detailed patterns.

The King may take the form of an imposing bearded skeleton with sharp horns, proudly wielding a broadsword, or a King of Hell holding his trident.

The Queens are clad in dazzling gowns. One is holding up a small vial of what we can assume is a very dangerous potion she just conjured up, another one has a jet-black raven perched on her finger.

The Jack is a fierce warrior with a sharp mohawk, who is ready to protect the underworld with his longbow, but he could also be the Grim Reaper with a heavy scythe resting on his shoulders. Different suits tell different stories of the Kings, the Queens and the Jacks of the underworld and it is up to you to uncover them all.

As opposed to the court cards, the number cards are made very simple, mimicking the classic poker card design, with a slight twist when it comes to the style and color of the elements, which are consistent with the rest of the deck.

The Ace of Spades may look classic at first, but the spade in the middle is, in fact, full of tiny elements tying to occult practices. There is the Devil’s trident in the middle around which two snakes wrap their slick bodies. Upon closer look, one might find daggers, flames, and winding ribbons all connecting into one pattern. The card is dominated by big 666, the Devil’s number, reminding you of the inspiration behind the overall design.

The Jokers look as mischievous as ever. They are dressed in the traditional medieval court joker attire, while their bared skulls grin at you from the devilish flames, among which they sit peacefully in a cross-legged position. Overall, the 666 playing cards are yet another brilliant design which could be a great addition to a collection of anyone who is intrigued by all things mysterious.

2020 Release

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