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Pure Cardistry Training Playing Cards (7 Packets) - 7 Colors

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Pure Cardistry Training Playing Cards (7 Packets) - 7 Colors

Please note: These come in the color of your choice but not mixed. Please select desired color next to the quantity.

Pure Cardistry Training Playing Cards is specially designed for the cardistry player. It's composed of 7 pieces of sleek organic plastic blocks. The thickness is the same as the normal Bicycle Playing Card. 

7 cuts and under can be used for the cardistry exercise. Excellent for practicing one-handed cuts. 

1. The weight is moderate. The cutting edge passes through the special sanding treatment, so you can have a very strong control of the card. 

2. The thickness is moderate. When you practice cardistry, it's not easy to separate. 

3. The playing card is washable, which is very convenient!

Note: These training cards come in a white box and is not in cello wrap. The trainers have protective covering on each side that can be easily removed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Looks nothing like advertised I got little cardboard bricks

Picture's Misleading

I thought these were going to look pretty like the picture not with the ugly cardboard appearance. I'll still use them because I'm bitter about returning things but wish they were more like the ad. I know the description says the protective covering can be easily removed butttttt can I get some more info on that please because it's impossible.

Great to work with, wish they would do a mixed set

Nice for packet work. Static electricity can cause them to stick a little more than regular cards, but these are nice. 7 "cards" is more than what you get from other trainer sets.

My only negative is that they do not produce a "mixed" set (and the fact that they show lots of pictures of mixed sets so you see the cool colors is annoying). I've actually picked up multiple sets of different colors and made my own mixed set, but that's more of an expense than others probably want (or should) have to bear.

Great set of trainers - reasonable price

Trainers have really blossomed so that they can range from basically some inferior blocks of Styrofoam to precision cut metals, to well worn wood with simulated petina - but really, for basic training, a nice set of properly sized plastic trainers is all you need. And that is exactly what you will get from these. They come in a box, and each training 'packet' has protective covers on the faces so that any scratches they get come from you, and not from the factory or shipping. The only draw back is that the edges can have a few rasps and burrs that may need to be filed off, but that's small potatoes in the grand stew of cardistry and sleight training.


Helped me a lot

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