Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards (stock No. 808) are the USPCC's signature brand of playing cards. Since 1885, the Bicycle brand has been manufactured by the United States Printing Company.  The Bicycle name originates from the first back design which featured penny-farthings.

Bicycle playing cards are a standard 52-card deck of red and black colored cards.  each of the cards may have one of the four suits: spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts.  The numbers on the cards range form 2 to 10, then proceed onto "Jack."  The Bicycle trademark is typically printed on the Ace of Spades.  Most standard Bicycle playing card decks come with the hand ranks of poker, an information card, and 2 Jokers. Please note most custom Bicycle playing cards will contain 2 Jokers and 2 additional cards that contain advertising or can be used for magic tricks.