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Numbers Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards

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Numbers Gaff Bicycle Playing Cards

Numbers Gaff Red Bicycle Playing

Available in 2 colors, not sold as a set

NUMBERS GAFF deck is an assortment of poker format cards including 35 cards with numbers and 20 gaff cards printed on the most used cards in the world of magic: Bicycle Rider back.

In addition to this 55 cards deck, you will have access to a tutorial video (1 hour 45 mins) explaining 11 routines that can be performed with the cards included in the NUMBERS GAFF deck.

You will also be able to create your own routines and customize your revelations such as: birthday, phone number, book page...

The NUMBERS GAFF deck is composed of:

  • 23 cards with numbers (from 0 to 9)
  • 12 cards with 2 or 3 digit numbers
  • 7 double face cards
  • 4 cards with mathematical symbols
  • 4 cards with symbols: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds
  • 2 cards with currency symbols: euros, dollars
  • 1 magic square card
  • 1 card with the symbol of Pi (p)
  • 1 special card: 99 on 1

Here are some routines explained in the tutorial video:

Coincidence: The cards with the numbers 1 to 9 are shuffled by the spectators. Then the cards are placed on the table by the spectators to form 3 three-digit numbers. These 3 numbers are added up and the result is exactly what the magician predicted. For example, the result will unlock a lock or a phone.

99 to 1: You show your spectator the set of cards with numbers on them and then the spectator chooses two cards to form a two-digit number. You then reveal the prediction you have in the case to show that the number formed is indeed on the prediction card. But this card contains all the numbers from 1 to 99. After a magical gesture the card is transformed to show only the spectator's number.

Cheater's Bet: The magician places a card face down on the table and then shows five cards with the number 20 on them. Four cards are placed on the table and the last one on the rest of the deck. The face down card is turned over to show a money symbol (e.g. €) and then the magician puts into play a 20 euro bill which the spectators can win if they find a card with the number 20. Unfortunately, all the cards are turned over and none of them have the number 20.

The Magic Square: You present your spectator with a set of cards containing numbers and the spectator chooses two cards to form a two-digit number. The magician then asks the spectator if he sees his number on the prediction card containing 16 different numbers. The spectator's number does not appear on the card, but if you add up the numbers in each column and row, the result is exactly the spectator's number.

  • 55 cards (Bicycle Rider back) printed by US Playing Cards Company
  • An assortment of 20 gaff cards
  • 11 Routines explained
  • Instructional video included (1hour 45 mins) in English and in French
  • Available in red and blue (sold separately)
  • 2022 Release

Customer Reviews

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Carl Loud
Love the Numbers Gaffed Deck!

I absolutely love the Numbers Gaffed Deck! I started learning the tricks immediately after opening the card box. I must admit that it was a bit difficult understanding the tutorials as they were spoken with a heavy French accent. After watching them a few times though and with the common knowledge one attains with performing card effects it became easier. My suggestion would be to have printed instructions along with the deck to make learning a bit easier. Otherwise, a great deck and I highly recommend it for others.


Awesome gift for a friend.

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