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Green Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

$4.99 USD
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Green Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

$4.99 USD

Green Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards - Classic Design

Add a Splash of Color to Your Card Collection with Green Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

Introducing the vibrant Green Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards – a refreshing twist on the classic Bicycle deck. This deck combines the timeless design magicians and card enthusiasts love with a striking Green hue that stands out in any collection.

Key Features:

- Vibrant Green Tuck Design: A classic Bicycle tuck in an eye-catching Green, perfect for those who appreciate a pop of color.

- Versatile for Magic and Games: Ideal for magic tricks and various card games, these cards maintain standard faces with one joker and three gaff cards included.

- Air Cushion Finish: Enjoy Bicycle's renowned Air Cushion Finish for unmatched playability, ensuring smooth shuffling and enhanced durability.

- Poker Size Standard: The worldwide standard for magicians, these poker-sized cards boast the best quality finish for long-lasting use.

- Quality Trusted by Magicians: A favorite among magicians for its reliable performance and classic design.

- Gaff Cards: In addition to the standard 52 cards, this deck comes with 1 joker, a blank face, a double back card in green and another with a fuchsia back. 

Made in the USA.

Please note: Orders of 10 or more decks will not be sent in PCD Cases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Patrick Sallings
Great Cards - Great Transaction

They're perfect.


Great product. Looks and feels great.

Love me some green bikes!!

What's not to love here? They're Bicycle. They're green. They're awesome! These are fantastic cards at a price that's not gonna break your wallet. I am 100% buying more of these.

Danny kimray
Great color

Really snaps. Good change of pace (unless you have a green card table)!

Mr. Opps
Essential Bikes

The Green Riderbacks are essential for any collector of the colorways. Like all the other Riders, they look slick and handle as one would expect a deck of Bicycle cards to handle. The color pops more than some of the others, and definitely catches the eye. The gaffs are great - the color swapped Riders all lend themselves naturally for up-close magic and sleight of hand, and the inclusion of these gaffs hammers that idea home. Great cards at a good price.

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