Permaculture Playing Cards

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While these are fully functional poker cards, their primary purpose is to show people the rich diversity of permaculture. Permaculture embraces gardening well beyond organic, plus natural building, greening the deserts, alternative energy, feeding the world and blazing a trail for less toxic living.

These cards were created with the idea of "what would be a great holiday gift that I could give to my friends and family that thinks my permaculture lifestyle is crazy. Something they would enjoy, and that might make me seem less crazy and it's a stocking stuffer too!"

Aces: Polyculture; Wofati; Hugelkultur; Rocket Mass Heater
Kings: Sepp Holzer; Bamboo; Masanobu Fukuoka; Bill Mollison
Queens: Black Locust; Comfrey; Greening Deserts; Ruth Stout
Jacks: Mike Oehler; Willie Smits; Allan Savory; Art Ludwig
Tens: Paddock Shift Systems; Greywater; Dandelion; Stinging Nettles
Nines: Sunchokes; Fungi; Jean Pain; Mullein
Eights: Natural Swimming Pool; Mulberry; Tefa; The Man Who Planted Trees
Sevens: Chickens; Pigs; Pee; Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture
Sixes: Ben Law; Electric Tractor; Husp; Honey Bees
Fives: Food Preservation; Bugs, Weeds, Funguses & Microorganisms; Beyond Compost; Wind and Berms
Fours: Wildcrafting; Livestock Guardian Dog; Food as Medicine; Mason Bees
Threes: Food Forest; Rhubarb; Dry Outhouse; Solar Food Dehydrator
Twos: Rumford Fireplace; Cast Iron; Diatomaceous Earth; Apple Tree

26 cards have a name hidden on them and one card has a hidden needle.

Special markings for the suicide king and the one eyed jacks.

Artwork by Alexander Ojeda. Text and ideas from Paul Wheaton.

2013 Release.