Monkey King Bicycle Playing Cards

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Monkey King Bicycle Playing Cards

If you know a bit about Asian culture, you must have heard of the Monkey King before. That’s right it is the cunning-looking monkey that we are talking about. The story of the Monkey King originates from an ancient legend that, besides others, also had a strong influence on the Chinese and Japanese culture.  

Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Naruto, they all have been inspired by the characters of the original legend. This new design also uses the Monkey King as its theme, showcasing his many mischievous faces throughout the deck. These cards are fun and unique, a great fit for any collection! Designed by Chapet Natawaru & Kevin Yu for almost a year. We are very proud to bring you the Bicycle Monkey King Playing Cards!  

Bicycle Monkey King Playing Card are printed by United States Playing Card Company, AIR CUSHION Finish with the legendary BEE-CRUSHED Technology. LIMITED EDITION OF 2500 Decks.  

2019 Release

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