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Air Deck Travel Playing Cards

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Air Deck Travel Playing Cards

Air Deck Travel Playing Cards

Available in 3 colors, not sold as a set

By travelers for travelers: 

The idea for this project was conceived by fellow globetrotters Ursus and Rune while traveling South East Asia. We love playing cards, but we couldn't really find anything that was quite suited for our minimalist way of traveling. When you travel as much as we do, you don't want to carry anything extra around. Every item makes a difference. We're big fans of improvement, and decided to create the ultimate playing cards for travelers. The making of the Air Deck has taken us through several countries, and we've met many wonderful people along the way. Meet our new travel companion, the Air Deck. The world's first truly travel-optimized playing cards! 

Our mission is to create the ultimate playing cards for travelers. 

With the Air Deck, you can play everywhere anytime. It fits easily on small surfaces, such as a plane tray table. 

Regular paper playing cards tear, stain, bend and break easily, but we've designed the Air Deck to be extremely durable. 


While we wanted a compact and light deck, we didn't want to compromise on quality. We went to several of the world's manufacturers of premium casino cards and asked for the best materials they could provide. In the process of creating the ultimate travel deck, we tried out over 50 different high-end plastic materials. The materials were taken through scratch, bending and handling tests to identify the best candidate. Finally, we ended up with a premium 'casino quality' PVC that has all the properties we want. 

The Air Deck is designed to be brought anywhere. It takes up very little space and easily fits into your pocket. 

The Air Deck is incredibly resistant to tearing and bending. 

The cards are 100% waterproof, so you can even use them in the pool, bathtub, in the rain, at the beach - anywhere! 

The cards are washable. Liquids and dust rinse off easily. 

The Air Deck is a surefire conversation starter. 


In the process of selecting the material, we sought advice from several playing card professionals, to help us find the optimal material and design. The end result is a deck that shuffles and handles like you expect professional cards to do. The cards are slightly textured on the back, while the front is plain. This provides excellent handling and a good grip. 

Our goal was to make the Air Deck both visually interesting and simple to read. 


We've worked hard to create a fitting minimalist design for the Air Deck. For us, it was key that the cards are uncluttered, symmetrical, and easy to read. We also wanted to create something fun and 'out-of-the- ordinary.' The Air Deck's unique design will no doubt act as a conversation starter on your travels. The deck consists of 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers and measures 87mm X 32mm. Despite the smaller footprint, we've retained all the features of standard decks. The length ensures that it handles much like a full-size deck, and the narrower width makes the deck fit nicely in the palm of your hands. 

Key Features: 

- 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers 

- Waterproof and washable 

- Premium printing with a protective matte varnish 

- Made from extra durable premium PVC 

- Sturdy deluxe matte tuck box 

- Playing card size: 3.43 x 1.26 inches (87 x 32mm)

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Volianitis
Good cards

I purchased the white Air Deck; the cards look great, but I would like to see on the Jacks, Queens, and Kings a scaled down face card, as opposed to just crowns. That would be a nice touch. Great cards anyways. I would also love to see the Hoyle 2 half deck set back in production(if they have been discontinued); the pics of those cards that I saw online looked great.

Like normal cards, but smaller!

Given that playing cards are already pretty travel friendly and compact, I didn't think the design could be improved too much - yet here we are. These cards are surprisingly functional. I was able to play Klondike with a deck on a clipboard on the couch. Shuffling takes some getting used to as the deck tends to be inclined to explode in all directions during the bridge. This is a minor qualm. The cards a readable, durable, and feel good in hand. The tuck box is durable with minimal graphic design.

Air Deck accomplishes exactly what they intended

Air Deck as a company has set out to create a lightweight, portable, highly wear resistant, and waterproof deck for those with the itch to play cards while traveling. The cards are durable, easy to read, and as expected, quite resistant to wear and tear. The tuck and back designs of the v2s can be fun, though I personally sprung for the red deck, as I love cards that aren't standard white backgrounds. Handling of these cards isn't spectacular, but of course, no one is doing cardistry or magic with them typically. Air Deck set out to make a travel deck, and totally succeeded. The price is also an easy selling point both for the inexpensive buy-in, and the reality that you will probably have little need to replace the deck on as regular a basis during heavy use.

Very Unique!

I'm not sure what made the creators want to design a deck of cards smaller than a standard size (which I thought was pretty compact), but I am glad that they did. This deck definitely takes some getting use to when you first use them due to their very small nature. Once you get used to it, everything plays out as normal. This deck is definitely affordable, so pick up a deck!

Like the idea

This deck, the Air Deck, has a decent concept. Like the market they are playing into. Nice to pack for vacation.

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