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Posted by Will Roya on

When I first started this business, my goal has been to serve the world wide playing card community. Our mission statement has always been to be “Your #1 Playing Card Supplier” no matter where you reside.

As the business has grown, rates have increased, and it has been a challenge.

I have seriously contemplated discontinuing international shipping or limiting where we will ship to.

The reason for this is twofold, time & money.

International shipments take a longer time to prepare, special packing, custom forms, etc. Also, international orders have a higher rate of return, loss and damage. Foreign customers also require the most service when dealing with in terms of special requests, inquiries and other issues.

Shipping is expensive, even with a commercial rate it costs over $20 to ship 2 decks to most locations. I have been able to get the cost down somewhat by partnering with a global freight consolidator for a handful of countries. This is how we can offer lower rates to Canada and select international and also pre-pay customs for Canadian orders. This adds to the transit time, but most customers would rather wait then pay more and we can offer the option of expedited shipping on request. With our low rates and free ship option we are often left subsidizing the shipping cost.

Another issue that plagues us is custom delays and fees. This is out of our control, but some customers seem to think that we did not pay the shipping when they are presented with a customs bill, but this is not the case. Every country has their own rules regarding how they treat imported items and it is the receivers’ responsibility to know this and pay any associated fees and / or taxes to their government.

We try to do our best when you request the customs form to be marked a certain way, say if the item is a gift, etc. For countries that prohibit import of playing cards we can mark the contents as “game.”

We have also noticed that a handful of countries, particularly Italy and those that speak Spanish & Portuguese, have a longer transit time and items are sometimes “processed” by customs for over a month.

We really appreciate our international customers who work with us proactively to get their packages when there is a delay or issue. Almost (99.9%) all packages we ship out eventually arrive in good order.

A suggestion to save on the shipping is to space your orders until it is big enough to qualify for free shipping or when there is a sale offer. You may miss out on a particular deck but you save in the long run.

We would appreciate your understanding of the time and cost to get your items to you. We strive to do our best to ship worldwide, and once the package leaves our warehouse, it is literally out of our hands. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. 


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